I could kick the **** out of stupid people, but on occasion I would be
kicking myself so instead I will rant about the other stupid people.

I order up DSL for a place I do work at and all is good. Today has been
the first day I could get over to install it. I ordered up two static
IP addresses to go with my fine new DSL. I had the IP addresses in hand
and all the other information in hand and I was feeling pretty good
about getting it installed until.......... THEY DIDN'T ASSIGN THE

So instead of being able to VPN to the network from home to finish up
some minor work tomorrow I have to drive back in. Of course I can't
call and complain about the static IP addresses until Monday and God
only knows when I will have time to finish up that little project.

Honestly, I just want to smack them. Really really hard. For the
record the email I received said...

Here are the static IP address I just assigned.

(list of static IP address and other relevant information)

Guess what buddy. NO YOU [f-word]ING DIDN'T!!!

(for you reddit fans just insert fffuuuuuuuuu face here)