A local proxy server (BM 3.8 on a NW 6.5 server) for a site also running Apache 2.0 on a separate NW 6.5 server does not serve the changes made to the web pages when a refresh is performed on the browser. Have tried clearing cache in the browser, to no avail.

So, if a change is made to a web page on the Apache web server and then the page is accessed using the proxy server local to that web server the page change does not show up, but if you access the web site from a remote proxy server the changed page is displayed. Obviously the web site is accessed locally more then it would be accessed remotely, yet if a refresh is performed when a change is made to a web page the proxy server should be going to the web server for an updated page no matter what.

So at this point I am wondering if it's a proxy cache problem or it is Apache not updating the page in a timely matter after the changes have been made. This is happening at many sites after upgrading to NW6.5 and to BM 3.8. You can access updated pages remotely, but not locally. All access is made via BM 3.8 proxy servers with the default settings for cache aging.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

-Ted T.