Got a client that has GW7.x (today) and over the years users were created in eDir and GW with 4 different naming standards.

Today (finally) they are migrating to new servers, upgrading to GW8.0.2, and setting on one naming standard.

The move and upgrades are old hat for me. What I am looking for a little help on is a way to rename hundreds of GroupWise user accounts (and their eDir accounts if needed) to the new naming standard.

I am quite used to the import/export utility so getting a user list and mangalating out new user names into a CSV is a peice of cake. Getting from there back into the system without creating new email accounts, or wiping the old ones is the item that has me asking the question.

Between all the admin expertice out here and the phenom sysops, I am sure someone has done this. I am hoping for a little enlightenment on a direction to go....

Thanks in advance,