Running ZEN

I have configured dynamic device folders to sort machines according to the default gateway. Our environment has many sites, and users with laptops frequently travel between these sites. I want the devices to communicate with the satellite server at the local site.

I want to set the default server rules at the level of these folders, however I do not see how to do this.

The admin manual says this can be done at the Zone level, the Device folder level and the Device level. I cannot find the controls to configure these rules at the Device folder level.

The admin manual says "... open the folder's details page; then select Settings > Infrastructure Management > Closest Server Rules."
A details page is only available for Dynamic Device Folders (not arbitrarily created ones), and the only option available on the Details page is "Define Filter for Group Members".

Is it possible to set Default Server Rules at the Device folder level?

Or will I have to define all the rules at the Zone Level?

Your help and advice is very much appreciated.