We're testing the Mobility Pack Beta in our site. I'm running a Motorola Droid with a build of Android 2.2. Email is working great. Calendar syncing is not.

Basically, in 2.2 there is a unified calendar on the device, instead of a separate "Corporate Calendar" which is where the Exchange-sync stuff would go on 2.1. I'm guessing this is part of the issue. Basically, it's getting no events from the server. If I create an event on the Droid, it does go to my GW calendar, and down to my Blackberry, but then the event duplicated on my BB until I deleted it. (I'm not sure if the latter was a Google Calendar loop issue.) Other users (iOS 4) are having no calendar sync issues. We'll have some Android 2.1 us on soon so I can compare with them too.

I'm wondering if anyone has gotten this working on Android 2.2 (preferably an official version, which would at least tell me to be patient) or where I should look to do more troubleshooting.