Anyone willing to help me figure out an ACL problem I'm having?

We have a location that's only supposed to connect to a couple
different hosts on couple different subnets.

I can't seem to get any acls to work right.

If you're interested in helping, or just curious for that matter, keep
readin, I'll give the setup info.............

They are on subnet, which connects to us via a T-1
connected to our cisco 7206. Their T1 connects on a subinterface of
our S2/0 port.

One host they're supposed to connect to is our as/400 (
and a server at our sheriff's office ( is
directly connnected to our 7206, but the is on a different

Here are the acls I've tried:

ip access-list extended CRT_to_FD
permit ip host any
permit ip host any
permit ip host any
deny ip any any

ip access-list extended FD_to_CRT
permit ip any host
permit ip any host
permit ip any host
deny ip any any

I've tried where one was inbound & the other outbound, as well as flip
flopped. I've only applied them to the subinterface that connects to
the remote site to which I'm wanting to limit access. Each time I
apply them, they cannot connect to anything & I'm not sure what I need
to do to get these working right.

Any takers?