We're testing the latest release (8.02) . . .
workstations using Blackberry's Desktop Manager
cease to sync, after upgrading to the latest GW Client.

We've tried uninstalling the Desktop Manager, rebooting,
re-registering the ATL.DLL module, rebooting, then
reinstalling the latest Desktop Manager, but it continues
to fail.

The Intellisync_ERRORLOG.TXT reports:

DesktopMgr caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
in module gwxplt1.dll at 001b:0b251470 CurrentThread:00000D14.

The sync process seems to successfully log into GroupWise, but
hangs after this, when either syncing the Calendar or Address
Book. [When I double-click on the GroupWise Client link, the
Client opens--without prompting for a password--while the
Desktop Manager is hanging for its sync . . . so, I suspect it
successfully logged in, but ran into a problem afterwards.]

I see there have been issues with the gwxplt1.dll crashing
(in the past) related to the GDI heap, but no recommended
resolution has been made, beyond closing and reopening the
GW Client--which doesn't seem to apply in this case.

* If we REMOVE the latest GroupWise Client, and reinstall the
* HP1 (which is what we had before), the Desktop Manager
* successfully syncs.

Has anyone else run into this problem between the latest
GW Client and Blackberry's Desktop Manager? (If so, have
you had any success in a workaround?)