GW 8.0.1 System (POA, MTA, GWIA) and Client at desktop
NetWare 6.5 SP8
Desktop OS is XP or Vista

In Notify's Options the setting for "Check for mail every" is set to and locked at 1 minute; grayed out an unable to change/edit.

So I went to ConsoleOne and in ColsoleOne, GroupWise System right clicked on the Domain (or Post Offices) and and went to GroupWise Utilities, Client Options... Environment, General Tab. Our system had the Refresh Interval locked at 1 minutes 00 seconds. I unlocked the Refresh Interval, leaving the default at 1:00. I synchronized the domain/PO's, exited GW and Notify at the desktop, waited about 60 seconds, restarted Notify and the "Check for mail every" is still grayed out and non-editable.

I am either going down the wrong path to enable Notify's setting or something else is amiss.

If some one could provide me with some direction, I will be most appreciative.