I have posted this issue before and thought I would retry. I have tried the install of the new public beta version and gotten the same error as I got on the last rev. I also upgraded our entire GW system to GW8SP2 over the weekend in hopes that I could get this public beta installed and working. I am using a clean snap before the first install and the earlier rev will install just fine. This is a clean SLES 11 patched install. I also got the same error on a clean un pactched SLES 11 install. The first technology preview rev installs and works fine on either one of these servers(other then the known bugs). It gets near the end of the install and the error says: add_setup.pyc:1. As I said If I restore the snap and install the first rev I have, it will install and work fine. Has anyone else seen this error? I am under much pressure to get this data sync working as we are under attack from above to go to Exchange and most of tha