I have to upgrade the hardware on my Zenworks 7.0.1 server running on netware 6.5 sp8. I have a new Netware 6.5 sp8 server built (with a different name) and would like to install Zenworks v7 with sp1, then have the new server handle my enviornment and decomission the old server. I am choosing this path so that if something goes wrong, i still have the original Zenworks server in place and untouched.

I'm thinking i could just install Zenworks services on the new server with a different name and modify the zenwsimport DNS entry to point to the new server. I will probably have to do an ldap export/import and change any references to the old zenworks server name in my zenworks workstation objects and zenworks applications.

Will this work? Can I install the new server to the same OU as the old server and install Zenworks sucessfully? Is this all I have to do? Does anyone have any suggestions?