I am experiencing a long delay when accessing a file share on any
Windows file server. This only occurs only when the Novell Client is
installed. I've sniffed from a client and from a monitor port and
noticed as many as 6 attempts from client SYN to Windows server TCP 524.
The problem occurred on 4.91 sp4, hoped for the best from sp5, no
luck. Here are the following solutions I've attempted and failed;

1. Bad Server reghack

-HKLM\ System\ CurrentControlSet\ Services\ NetwareWorkstation\
-Multi-string value w/ the following per line: ip address of
server, drive letter, short name, FQDN.

-Set Bad Server Name Cache Timeout = 0
-Bad Server Name Cache Enabled

2. Protocol Preferences
-IP only
-Protocol components, selected only NDS and SLP

3. Client Advanced Settings
-Name Resolution Timeout modified from 10->1

4. Disabled Windows Firewall on Server and allowed TCP 524 through

5. Client Scheduled Tasks reghack

Uninstalling the Novell client and restarting fixes it every time,
there's little to no delay at that point. I'd really appreciate some
help from the pros on this one, I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance to
all for your help.