Okay, I don;t know if this is an issue or not. I have 5 server all in one tree, called "ourorgtree". LUM is running fine, and when I LUM ebable users on the first 4 servers in the tree, all is fine, and all settings look the same..but, on the 5th server, there is one extra setting for LUM enabling users, it asks for the "unix config object"..it does not ask for this on the other servers under imanager..they are all in the tree, and were all but in the same way. As well, they are all on the same service pack and update level. Why would the imanager on the fifth server ask where the unix config object is, but not on the other 4...it seems to know where it is on the other 4 server? Is my edir out of sync or something?

Let me know if I should be concerned.