Hi, i am currently experiencing some problems with one of my zenworks servers.
1 zenworks server - import/removal, policies deployment
1 zenworks server - zen inventory

Problem: the import/removal zen server has one of its disks flag up failed.
This is running on a HP DL380 proliant, with 6x 146gb disks in Raid 5.
We have tried to replace with a brand new disk, it attempts to rebuild but then just turns off as if the disk has gone offline.
When we run smartstart it says the disk is needed to be replaced - but its a brand new disk?

We tried to see what happens at bios bootup in the raid configuration, it says the disk is rebuilding....then 5 minutes later says "Needs attention".
We have even tried to replace all the disks into another HP proliant server with the same exact configuration - but the disk in question still does not rebuild back into the raid?
We have also tried several other disks that were also running perfectly in other test servers, we wiped them and hotplugged them in...but to no avail.

I have tried everything i can think....and am sure this is a hardware fault as all of this happens prior to even getting into Netware.
But i believe there maybe something else that may be very unstable in the raid maybe?

I have come to the conclusion that we may need to rebuild the server from scratch, i am looking into what options we have:
I came across either :

1) Portlock - to p2v the server into a Virtual machine and let that run on a clean box

2) I have setup another server with the same hardware configuration - Hp proliant dl380 - same disks - etc.
Is there any way to transfer the configurations of the current live zen server to this new server i have just built, i havent put zenworks on yet but will do.
Ive never done something like this before and am not sure where to start and what steps to do when doing this type of task.

Im sure if it is possible - you wiill have to ensure all the configuration links etc that point to the live server name - will have to change and point to the new server i built - but what needs changing in order to do something like this?
Also how would this new server i built - interlink witht the zen inventory server we have running - a link has to established between the two so they can work together as they are currently doing now.

Any help and assitance would be greatful....time is against us as the server is currently running on the 5 disks as the disk slot in question does not allow disk to rebuild back into the raid.