Bordermanager proxy is caching data and in my opinion, should not be,
and that is causing problems.

ProxyCache volume runs out of space constantly, several times a day.
Started after installing new LAN based video security system.
Researched problem and found new video security system is going
through the proxy. Don't know why, but in the common logs it shows
all the transactions with the cameras. Apparently, the video comes
down faster than the proxy can clear the cache, and I don't need or
want this video to be cached. The video software has no configuration
to use a proxy. It is supposed to connect directy to the cameras via
IP address or by domain name. BM is setup WITHOUT transparent proxy.
Cameras did run over port 80 (They have mini web servers built - AXIS
2100 cams). I changed their configuration to use a different port
(86) hoping that would take care of the problem. Didn't and the log
file now shows transactions to I changed the
system to use domain, that all worked,
but DM caches that too. Log now shows
Thought it might somehow be using IE/Windows Internet settings.
Changed the proxy address in windows to a bogus address (,
IE broke, recorder keeps on going. (I rebooted to make sure.)
Thought maybe somehow transparent proxy was running, configured IE for
no proxy, with & without autodetect and IE would not work, so I don't
think transparent proxy is somehow running. (Setting in BM Config show
that it is off.) I guess what is driving me nuts is that all these
devices are on the same subnet (192.168.0.x) now using port 86 and I
would think that BM would ignore that, and it isn't. Tried the no
cache options in the BM config screens, didn't make any difference,
and from what I read here today, they don't work anyhow. Recorder
logs onto network using client 32 4.9 & CLNTRUST. Without CLNTRUST, I
can not connect to the cameras, and packet trace shows BM with
forbidden message. Even setup the PC without C32, and using it's own
IP address as the default route and still can't get it to work.
Traces show BM sending a fobidden when trying to connect to the
cameras. I have no clue how thats happening, since C32, CLNTRUST and
the BM default route was removed.

Here is some more info on where things are today.
BM 3.7SP3 on NW6.0SP4 + some misc other patches
Network Default route is the ip of BM <-? something here BM seeing and
taking over ???
Cameras are AXIS2100 with web server (for serving video) on port 86.
All on the same subnet, cams, BM, Recorder PC. (192.168.0.x)
Recorder PC XP Pro SP1, Logs into Network with C32 & CLNTRUST

I've thought about moving it onto it's own subnet, but have not tried
that yet, nor do I think that is the best solution. This system has
to be available inside (web and recorder client) and externally to
secure clients for monitoring, and once all set up, I think I would be
back to the same problem.

Hopefully, I didn't leave anything out, so maybe I'm missing something
really simple here, and if so, tell me. Maybe I'll just have to do
some more packet traces when things are slow there to see where
everything is really going. Any ideas are welcomed, however, answers
are preferred. :)