Hi all: Forgive this rather silly questions, but this is my first time upgrading GW 8 since our switch from GW7 on NW.

1. Does the order of upgrade matter in GW8? Should I still upgrade primary domain, then secondary, POs and finally agents?

2. The install instructions say to launch "./install" and choose "Create or Update GroupWise System". However, the readme then seems to conflict saying "When installing a Support Pack, you can streamline the update process by using the Install option to install the updated RPM for each agent." So which is it, pick "Update" or "Install"?

3. Lastly, I assume I will also need to the nlm version of the update as our secondary domain, gwia, and GW Webaccess all run on a separate 6.5 box (our Border Manager server)?

Thanks much, Chris.