I have one user that has been having issues with their vacation rule not working correctly that has followed them from GW 7.0.3 through 8.0.1. This person's role is a webmaster and is the manager of several different mailing lists. We currently have a rules set up to file any messages received to those email accounts and move them to appropriate folders. Now when the vacation rule is made, it is set at the bottom of the rule list and is set to only reply to mail that specifically addressed to this user, and we manually create the date range for the rule to be effective in case the person forgets to turn it off.

The problem that we are running into is that even though the vacation reply rule is only set to specifically reply to emails that are TO 'msmith@mydomain.com' or TO contains 'msmith', it replies to all of the other email nicknames (webmaster, newsletter, notices, etc...) and the rule continues to reply after the Delivered <= [date] that gets specified.

I've been troubleshooting this for several months and haven't been able to figure it out. What could I be missing?