VMware View 4.0.1

When we try to add an automated desktop pool cloning starts, but stops everytime with an error because the dsfw kdc and domain services daemon are crashing.

Checking for Name Service Cache Daemon: running
Checking for RPC Endpoint Mapper Service running
Checking for Kerberos KDC Service dead
Checking for Kerberos Password Change Server running
Checking for Domain Services Daemon dead
Checking for Samba NMB daemon running
Checking for Samba WINBIND daemon running
Checking for Samba SMB daemon running
could not initialise lsa pipe. Error was NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL
Checking for service sshd running
Checking for rsync daemon: running

We can reload the dsfw but this works only until next cloning starts.
Further we have sometimes problem mit the group policies (error 1058 in the windows eventlog).

How can we fix / troubleshoot this?