We had some explicit group trustee assignments with no rights to restricted directories on our Netware servers. At least some of those did not get migrated while other explicit assignments did. The groups were LUM enabled before the migration, and I ran the ncpcon resync commands on all volumes right after migrating.

It's a little early to say for sure, but maybe any explicit assignment of no rights is being treated as if there was no assignment. Anyone else heard about this? If it's a problem with the mig tool and isn't already documented, maybe it should be put in the planning guide.

I just looked in some of my volumes and noticed there are no xml files from the time of the migration, only voldata.tdf. Wasn't the ncpcon process supposed to create a new xml file with the trustee info? the command took the amount of time I would have expected depending on the size of the volume and gave me success messages at the end.