I have a dumb question about user sources and adding containers.

It seems in ZCM 10.3 that you cannot add a child if the parent is already there and vice versa.

Our eDir tree is very hierarchical due to geography, and in the main office, due to divisional boundries.

In ZFD we usually assigned things based upon the containers that held the users (vs. the "parent" containers).



So we'd associate things to OU=HR, OU=SALES. Very rarely do we ever deploy things to the OU=MAIN level mainly because that would result in about 2,000 installations at once (not that the network cannot handle it, it's more that we only have 5 helpdesk staff if something goes wrong).

In ZCM, I am wondering what's a best practice for adding containers?

I cannot add:
and then add: OU=HR,OU=OFFICE,OU=MAIN
It's either one or the other

But, am I gaining anything by adding those containers vs. just browsing?