After pulling down a new image from our ZCM PXE server on a previously managed machine, ZCM no longer recognizes the device, and thus does not "manage" it in the control center automatically. However, the machine was registered prior to the imaging. Once imaged, the adaptive agent reports "unmanaged," and the machine must be registered manually via 'zac reg' in the command prompt.

How can I ensure that the device will remain automatically imported in the control center after pulling down a new image?

We recently migrated from Zen7 to ZCM, and have just set up a new ZCM PXE server. Our test machines can image up and down successfully with the new PXE. I have a standardized image with ZCM on the machines for testing. I made some changes on machine A, imaged up on PXE, and imaged down on machine B. When I logged into machine B, the agent did not register with the control center. I've tried this with a few machines, and have let them sit as much as 24 hours with no luck.

Computer: Dell Optiplex 760
Adaptive Agent:

Other Thoughts:
It appears ZCM is having trouble reading the Safe Data on the disk, since the agent pulls info like the device name from here. Since the name is not changing in the Safe Data (I verified this before and after imaging via Ziswin.exe), the device should remain imported after imaging.

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