Running a Netware 6.5 server for years in my own office to handle Groupwise email. Server went down and I went to restart it and it appeared to go through all the Load Stages up to 4, during that time though a few error messages popped up regarding mirrored object 0x0d cannot be remirrored server 5.70. Eventually it starts load stage 5 with Loading module polimgr Stage 5, at that point it hangs and just displays Novell Open Enterprise Server 6.5 No Time Zone. It will not go to the prompt. I tried to unplug the mirrored drive and received the same error message and it hung again. I tried server -na -ns but I have forgotten the steps to go in and manually remove the mirror if that is hanging it up,

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated so that I can copy the post office off of it to Windows and reload.

Also what is a quick and easy way to move this to a Windows server as we have one available for use, we can use a new tree, don't need to use the old