Here we have a reoccurring problem that is not that critical but quite

We are running BM 3.7 sp3 on a NW 6.0 sp4.

We have configured a HTTP Accelerator which is caching the WebPages from an
internal MS web server with an internal IP address, and is working fine
except for, from time to time BRD slows down a lot and what I have to do is
to unload proxy.nlm and reload it with -cc switch and right away it is fine
again, problem is that we don't know when this needs to be done, and all of
the sudden we get complain from users that the web server is very slow and I
have to go to BRD console and go thru the above mentioned (unload proxy and
load proxy -cc).

Is there a better solution to this?

Or this is a configuration problem?

Any help will be appreciated very much.