Hi All,

I have a group of machines that I've manually unregistered and then registered into a new management zone.

The problem I'm running into is that the machines are coming into the new ZCM 10.3 zone with the ZCM 10.2.0 agent on them, and there doesn't seem to be any "sane" way to update the agent on the workstations.

These machines started life in a ZCM 10.0 environment, and the agents don't uninstall in any sort of a clean manner. If you uninstall the agent it messes with the machine's GINA (temporarily breaking the NW Client) - and the the 10.3 agent install thinks that the agent is already installed - so it refuses to install.

I can pick apart the remnants of the old agent and remove it by hand, but this is extremely tedious. (I seem to remember doing something similar with "Client 32 for Windows 95" more than a decade ago).

Any thoughts or ideas?