I've recently added some new administrative users to my 10.3 system and
granted them rights to Modify ZENworks Group Memberships for Users and
for ZENworks User Groups.

However I'm having an odd issue when logging in as one of these users.
While I am able to go to a ZENworks User Group and add users from there,
I am unable to add ZENworks User Groups from the User object in the User
Source. In fact the Add and Remove links under the ZENworks User Groups
panel on the right don't even show up. At first, I thought maybe this
was just a bug, but I'm also seeing "You do not have rights to perform
this operation." listed in both the User Groups and ZENworks User Groups
panels, which leads me to be concerned that this is indicative of some
kind of database corruption.

I did notice that this question was asked once before back in 2008, but
the poster never got an answer via the forums. Anyone have any idea what
I should be looking for?