Hi Everyone,

We are expriencing multiple abend hangs on our Netware 6.5 SP8 server. The crashes have been occuring for the last couple of months and we cannot find a solution to the problem.

The abends seem to occur when most of our users are on the network. It doesn't crash over the weekends/ public holidays / nights etc.

The errors seem to relate to NSS Spinlock errors, so we have updated the NSS to the latest version however, this did not resolve the problem.

I ran memtest on the RAM and found no errors.

We then suspected a faulty RAID card, and replaced it with a new one (LSI Mega Raid 300-8x) I replaced the sata cables and updated the HAM drivers. That all worked ok, but again it did not resolve the abends.

Following the install of the new card and updates to the NSS, I updated iPrint and java to their latest versions. Neither has made any difference. The server is now fully patched with the latest versions.

We use Backup Exec and it backs up all the data without any errors OR abends. I also unloaded all backup exec modules, and the server still abends when all the users are on their workstations.

I don't know where to proceed from here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached the latest abend log.