I will also post this in the eDirectory forums, so if you're going to tell me to ask elsewhere, no need.

Anyway. I have a NW 6.5.7 server running eDir 8.8. It crashed. I managed to get it back up for a while. It was the Master replica of a partition. (not root). I moved the master replica of that partition to another working box. I then did a dsremove however it ran and ran and then the server died again.

So since the master replica of that partition was now on another box and i assumed dsremove went through, I then started deleting references out of ConsoleOne. I then went to partition view and attemtped to remove that server from the root partition, because all my other servers are yelling that they can't find or talk to it.

When I attempt to remove the server from the replica ring in ConsoleOne, it says it cannot proceed because another Partition Operation is currently taking place.

So my question is... how do i get that dead server out of the replica ring of the root partition, and stop my servers from barking that they can't see it.???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.