We have an NSS volume on an OES2 sp 2 server that a portion is used for
archiving data. Our users have Windows Vista (mix of 32 and 64-bit).
can copy from areas where they have full permissions, but as soon as they
try to copy from an area where they have only read and file scan, the copy
fails saying the file cannot be found. On the same workstation with the
same credentials a copy may be done via command line. Workstations with
Windows XP (client level 4.91 sp 5) do not have this problem. I do not
have Windows 7 to try this with.

Copying the file fails with windows explorer "copy-paste" and drag-n-drop.
It does however work if using a command line copy command.

I went to the "archive" folder and made my "test" user a trustee of the
directory. I first gave it "read" and "file scan" rights only. Copy of
certain file types (AutoCAD drawings for instance) fail using windows
explorer. I then decided to enable additional rights one at a time until
copying of file succeeded. The first try added "write" and that enable the
"test" user to copy files via "windows explorer"

The problem is that there are areas that I do not want end users to be able
to write and the archive location is one of them. Is there a problem in the
client? Was there a Microsoft update that broke things?

I cannot think that I'm the only one with this problem, but I'm not using
the right words in my searches.

Has anyone seen this problem? I have an SR open for it and they are
analyzing a packet capture, but so far nothing. Any help will be deeply