I have had a number of users, 3 or 4 in the last on different sites, complain that the Zen has applied policies and asks if they would like to reboot their workstation. Despite saying no, the device reboots itself after 5 minutes.

It seems to affect users throughout the day. Once they login I assume the policy applies, and is cached. If the policy does not apply we usually hear about it first thing in the morning as it sets the proxy server address, being able to access the internet is very important to them. Then at some point in the day the policy re-applys and they get the prompt asking to reboot.

The Apply Immediate: After enforcement, force a re-login on the managed device, if necessary box is unchecked on the Windows Group policy but not the dlu.

Any advice on what could be causing this, and how to resolve would me much appreciated.

ZCM 10.2
NC 4.91 SP5