Environment - Novell 6.5 SP8, eDir 88 SP5
GroupWise 8.0.2 (on all GW servers)

Upgraded my GW 7.0.4 environment to GW 8.0.2. All went well except for
one WEBAccess server. I have two so not critical, but . . .

I have a server inside my firewall that is the MTA and WEBAccess Agent
server for the problem WEBAccess server. The MTA and WEBAccess Agent
loaded just fine.

************************************************** *********************
000 08:04:45 TCP Port for Incoming Connections: 7205

000 08:04:45 Client/Server over SSL: Enabled

000 08:04:45 WebConsole: Enabled

000 08:04:45 WebConsole Url: http://XXX.XXX.XX.XXX:7211

000 08:04:45

000 08:04:45 Performance Settings:

000 08:04:45 Processing Threads: 12 (Default)

000 08:04:45 Maximum users: 250

000 08:04:45
************************************************** **************
000 08:04:45 Warning: Public Userid for WebPublisher not configured

000 08:04:45 WebAccess Server is ready for work

000 08:04:47 GWDVA is initialized and running

************************************************** *********************

The WEBApplication loads on the Server in the DMZ and I can access the
login page. However, when I enter my password and click on login, I
get this message:

Unable to communicate with GroupWise WebAccess Agent.

The access was working before the upgrade, so no firewall issue and the
Port is the same. I looked at TID 10051447 and verified that the
"COMMGR.CFG" and the "COMINT.CFG" files were updated.

Also verified that the Domain Properties had the UNC path and not IP.