Hey all,
I am trying to migrate data from our old NW6.5SP8 file server cluster (2 nodes) to our new OES2SP2 file server cluster (2 nodes). I originally had issues with authentication and it came down to me temporarily enabling non-SSL connections to LDAP (we use a third party cert on them for SSL). Now I can past authentication, select "Consolidate" and add "File System". When I go to configure it only gives me a partial list of Volumes currently on the source server (i.e. if it had volumes A, B, C, D mounted and accessible, but only volumes A and D are showing up in list in miggui). It's the same volumes each time I try that show up (and don't show up). I am currently connecting to node and not to individual cluster resources. I tried connecting to the cluster IP for one of the volumes that doesn't show up and it connects, but lists no volumes at all. This all has me thinking that there must be something configured differently for those volumes that aren't showing up but I cannot for the life of me find out exactly what this is.

Anyone had this problem or know where a good place to start looking is?