I'm working on imaging my first batch of systems since upgrading to ZCM 10.3, and I'm having GUID trouble. From my previous experience I had worked into my pre-imaging staging the process of...

Deleting C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\conf\DeviceData (DeviceData.sav) and C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks\conf\DeviceGuid (DeviceGuid.sav)
and running ZISWIN.exe to edit and clear out the Device GUID and Device ID fields under the identity tab. Under 10.2.x, after completing these steps and either restarting the machine or syspreping when the machine would come back up all of the machines would have a unique GUID. Currently with 10.3 the GUIDs are resetting to exactly the exact same thing that they were from the source machine that was used to make the image.

I've also added running zac fsg -d to the process with no success. When running the command with the -d switch it shows clearing out the GUID, but once the machine is restarted it is right back to what all of the other machines have. I've even manually changed several characters of the GUID file itself and under ZISWIN and each time I restart the GUID gets reset to the original which is duplicated everywhere.

I desperately need some help here, have we found any methods other than what I've posted to reset GUIDs? Thanks.