I have something that strikes me as a little strange, and I am wondering
if this is working as designed or if it is a hrbinger of bad things to come.

We recently upgraded one of our core BM servers to BM38 running on
NW65SP2. It was a fresh install off an overlay CD and an NDS-only
migration to make configuration a little easier.

I applied the products and patches in accordance with Craig's list, and
installed his proxy.cfg file as well.

The weird thing is, is that when I run brdsrv.nlm, it loads and load a
couple more NLMs also (sorry for the lack of specifics, but I can't
bring this server down right now to get the exact NLMs that get loaded)
but proxy.nlm does not auto-load like it did under BM37 on NW51SP6. If
I load proxy manually, everything appears to work fine, but it irks me a
little that this deosn't act as it used to.

I can't find any reference to this in the docs, and my knowledge-base-fu
:-) is weak today. Is this normal behaviour, or should I worry?