1: Where are the settings stored that remembers each folder's
quickviewer and folder list settings? Is it in the local machines
registry, or at the post office?

2: Why does 8.0.2 still not have the ability to reliably remember
display settings?? It is so simple. I want the quickviewer on all of
my mail folders, and I don't want the quickviewer on any of my
calendars. I don't mind manually setting each folder separately, but
dammit, why does it still randomly forget my settings after 4 or 5
releases since 8.0.0? Same thing applies to the folder list view. I
hate the simple view and don't want to ever see it, yet almost everyday
I have to manually turn it off for a random folder that I turned it off
for a day or 2 ago. Why is this still a problem? BTW ,this is on a
64bit Win 7 system.