We are probably trading in our Palm Treo 755s for EVOs. I am aware of two
options for getting our GroupWise data onto the EVOs, but are there others?

The two I know of are:

1. CompanionLink for calendar and contacts + POP or IMAP for email. However
this is very expensive. Either $99.95 for each phone plus set up Google
account as a passthru or $99.95 +9.95/month for each phone to let
Companionlink handle the synching.

2. Novell Mobility Pack, but that at present (in beta) only runs on 64-bit
hardware running SUSE Linux 11. I have neither of those, only NetWare 6.5
(OES) on 32-bit. I did read on the Novell web site that it is supposed to be
able to run on Windows Server and OES when it is finally released, but that
might be old information.

In any case, the higher ups want this done within the next couple weeks as
they are being teased about their outdated phones. I have an EVO in my
possession so I can figure out how to get this set up, but they are going
blow a gasket if they find out we have to pay an additional $100+ for each
phone to get synch capability.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I am under the gun here. Thanks in