My environment is the user account using the Dynamic user in Window's login.
I have 3 account for testing.all of them is in different OU.
1st.is my ID.same as admin.
2nd.is normal User ID.Have the window local administrator right.
3rd.is nomral User ID.Have not window local administrator right.just a limited user in window.

Problem is:

After i upgrade to NW Client 4.91 SP4(new install or just upgrade the SP).then i found all the User account can not change the password by themself.expect my ID.

The EORROR is Incorrect Old Password given on tree.etc
But I am 100% sure the old password is correct.

i tried to uninstall the SP4.install back to SP3.then all user can change the password.

IS that any setting control about this?or the NW Client SP4 have BUG?