I converted two NetWare 6.5 SP8 servers from physical hardware to VMware ESX 4 this past week-end. I used Portlock Storage Manager to do the P2V and it worked great; however, I'm having an issue with one of the servers. We use Backup Exec 2010 with a Windows Media Server and the Remote Agent for NetWare. This is the same way we were backing up prior to the P2V change. The problem is that on one of the servers, the backup job runs the CPU to 99% and never lets up. The throughput on the backup job starts high (400+ MB/Min) and quickly slows to a crawl (11 MB/Min). The system is unusable - slow logins, slow loading of files, etc. - so we have to kill the job in the morning so users can get on the system. We haven't been able to get a backup of this server since the conversion.

I contacted Symantec Tech Support and their answer was essentially "it's not our fault, blame VMware."

The major difference between the two servers is that one was on single CPU hardware and the other was on a dual CPU system. The dual CPU server has NetWare SMP installed. VMware ESX 4 doesn't support multiple vCPUs with NetWare guests. I suspect that the issue has to do with running SMP code on a single CPU system.

I need to know how to remove the SMP extensions to see if this is, in fact, the issue. I've done some searching and haven't found a solution. Can anyone help?