We are migrating to ZENworks 10. We are almost finished, but there are a handful of workstations that have not got the update, due to individual computer issues or laptops that aren't plugged in frequently.

The E directory administrators would like to uninstall/remove ZENworks 7 from the directory.

We are using Group policies, DLU, and some NAL objects.

NAL is no big deal since the user has to run those.
The absence of DLU should be fine I think since the users already have accounts on the local computer. But once they update their edir password it won't sync. Which is OK, because they'll call the helpdesk and we'll update them to zen10.

Big question, what will happen to the group policies? Will they continue to work locally off a cache or will they cease to work all together?

Are there any other problems to forsee?