GroupWise has kept me busy this month. I've recently completed an upgrade from GW 7 to GW8.02. Now a few weeks later one user has noticed most of his email is gone. We discovered that his account was set to delete mail older than 30 days so that wiped out most of his messages. Now I've turned off that setting and we need to bring back as much of his mail as possible.

Over the last few days I've restored two previous copies of the post office (two weeks apart in age) and configured them in the Restore Management in C1. I've taken care of permissions and he can access the backups from his client without problems or errors.

However, the strange thing with both backups is that there is barely any mail in their to restore? I configured my own user account as a test case and when I browse the backup I see the same thing, barely any mail?

Can anyone offer any suggestions?

- Both restores from tape backup with no errors or problems
- One restore from July 20th, and one from Jul 9th
- NetWare file permissions all set correctly with no errors
- Both restores configured in C1 and accessible from either his account or my account.
- No errors connecting or viewing mail in the Backup
- Barely any mail in the backup is visible, when I choose to restore the mail that is there it happens, no problems.
- Big mystery, where is the rest of the messages? Using my account as a test case it should be loaded with messages in my mail folders and my cabinet folders, there is hardly any?
- The July 20th restore was a GW 8 post office
- the July 9th restore was a GW 7 post office
- If I go back any father they will also be GW 7 post offices

I don't know in the users account how long his "delete mail after 30 days" option has been on, he seems confident all his mail was in his folders recently and this problem just started. My account has no problems and has tons of mail which I should see in the main view or the backup view. However it's not there in the backup view?

Any ideas?