I have the Windows 7 NwClient SP1 IR1 installed on my workstation. I
have a delay of around 40 seconds when connecting to our Windows
Servers. We had this same issue with our XP machines with the 4.91
client and we were able to fix this by making a change in the Novell
Client Properties | Advanced Settings and setting the Bad Server Name
Cache Enabled = On, Bad Server Name Cache Timeout = 0, and Name
Resolution Timeout=1. Also unselecting DNS in the protocol preference
and finally making a reghack and adding the badserver ip addresses.

These settings are no longer available under the Windows 7 client.
Looking in the forums I can see others have had what seems like the same
issue but from what I can tell nothing has been resolved.


Is there a fix for this or are we left to just wait when connecting to a
Windows server?