Running BorderManager v3.7, and using the latest BorderManager snap-in,
NWAdmin's cache statistics screen displays incorrect data. The
field "Volume in requests serviced (Kb)" is smaller than either "Fetched
from neighbors" or "Fetched from source". "Fetched from cache" is a
negative number.

I'd also like to track these same three stats with SNMP using MRTG. The MIB
for BorderManager includes OIDs for proxyStatsObjCacheDataXfered,
proxyStatsObjCacheIcpFetchedData, and proxyStatsObjCacheDirectFetchedData.
But the values are returned not as integer values, but - I think!? - as
octet strings in reverse byte order. There's documentation in the MIB or
anywhere else. The value is simply referred to as "octet string". Also the
meanings of each of these values is not well explained either.

SNMP GETs occasionally return altogether invalid data.

I'm guessing (can anyone confirm?) they correlate like so:
proxyStatsObjCacheDataXfered = Volume in requests serviced
proxyStatsObjCacheIcpFetchedData = Fetched from neighbors
proxyStatsObjCacheDirectFetchedData = Fetched from source

The value for "Fetched from cache" is probably calculated from the others.

Does anyone have any experience with the proxy server MIB? Does anyone see
correct data in NWAdmin? In our world, but for a short list of exceptions,
an upstream CERN proxy (a McAfee e500) is the source of all data.

Thanks for any interesting info.

Dan Lynch
County of Placer
Auburn, CA

dlynch <at> placer <dot> ca <dot> gov