Environment - Novell 6.5 SP8, eDir 88 SP5
GroupWise 8.0.2 (on all GW servers)

Upgraded my GW 7.0.4 environment to GW 8.0.2. All went well except for
one WEBAccess Application server. I have a server inside my firewall
that is the MTA and WEBAccess Agent server for the problem WEBAccess
Application server. The MTA and WEBAccess Agent loaded just fine.

************************************************** *********************
000 08:04:45 TCP Port for Incoming Connections: 7205
000 08:04:45 Client/Server over SSL: Enabled
000 08:04:45 WebConsole: Enabled
000 08:04:45 WebConsole url: http://XXX.XXX.XX.XXX:7211
000 08:04:45
000 08:04:45 Performance Settings:
000 08:04:45 Processing Threads: 12 (Default)
000 08:04:45 Maximum users: 250
000 08:04:45
************************************************** **************
000 08:04:45 Warning: Public Userid for WebPublisher not configured
000 08:04:45 WebAccess Server is ready for work
000 08:04:47 GWDVA is initialized and running
************************************************** *********************

The WEBApplication loads on the Server in the DMZ and I can access the
login page. However, when I enter my password and click on login, I
get this message:

"Unable to communicate with GroupWise WebAccess Agent."

The access was working before the upgrade, so no firewall issue and the
Port is the same. I looked at TID 10051447 and verified that the
"COMMGR.CFG" and the "COMINT.CFG" files were updated.

Also verified that the Domain Properties of the WEBAccess object had
the UNC path and not IP. I looked at the WEBAccess logs folder and
found this entry in the last log file:

************************************************** **************
Connection failed (XXX.XXX.XX.228:7205): Unable to connect with
GroupWise WebAccess Agent: Network error
************************************************** **************

This address is on of my BM (Firewall) VPN servers, but not my Network
Firewall server were I have a port filter opening for the communication
betweek the WEBAccess Application server (the one the user's connect to
to get GW WEBAccess) and the inside MTA/GW WEBAccess Agent server.

What would cause the WEBAccess Application server to take that path to
communicate with the Agent server? There's never been a filter
exception for communications between .228 and the WEBAccess server.

Finally, I renamed the


and the


directories and then reinstalled the WEBAccess Application. No change,
the application is still trying to "talk" to XXX.XXX.XX.228:7205
instead of the WEBAccess Agent server's IP address XXX.XXX.XX.252:7205.

Can't figure out why????