I have a partition in Mexico that has it's users' browsers pointing to a proxy server in Michigan. It has worked in the past but I am getting the following error on the proxy server:

AUTHCHK.NKM: IP Address 192.xxx.xxx.xxx attempted to spoof 148.xxx.xxx.xxx.

I have looked in the TIDS and it says that this is only cosmetic but I am here to say BULL. Whenever this appears on the proxy server, the user gets a 403 forbidden message. By the way, the 148 address is the IP of the router in the Mexico partition. The users are sometimes able to use the proxy but mostly this error happens and then no access. I have tried to build a rule to allow our router IP access as well...any help would be greatly appreciated.

Our routers connect to a VPN/PRN through Qwest. (if that is any help)