Installed OES servers in our tree- all are basically identical fully patched OES1 SP2 Linux installations

A few questions relating to multiple addresses on a NIC... As I understand it, the nds.conf file requires a listing for each IP address @524 separated by a comma following the list of the other IP address(es) already being listened to by the NDS. We currently have 7 IP addresses on each (7 addreses per server NIC) of our servers' NICs. They seem to work fine currently with this configuration, responding on all IP addreses correctly and each server is aware of the other servers and their various IP addreses in their respective NDS databases. However, we wish to add about 10 more IP addresses to each server. Things have not gone so well this time. My notes for adding addresses from a couple years ago were: (1) add additional addresses to nic via yast or manually if desired (2) edit nds.conf to include additional addresses (3) restart nds via rcndsd restart command (4) ndsrepair -N command to repair addresses for that current server. Things tend to go fairly well for secondary NDS servers. When you get to to point of updating the Read-Write replica holding servers and the Master Replica server, that's when things go downhill. Read-Write replicas seem to be fully functional and talking to the master replica after following the above steps and then adding the step of restarting the server. However, once you do this to the master replica, the NDS isn't communicating correctly between servers and no amount of restarting the NDS on various servers or rebooting seems to resolve it. I am wondering if I am missing a step, if I should try this in a different order, or if there is a limit on the number of IP addresses/subnets each server and NDS can handle reliably. Any insight would be appreciated since I can't seem to find a post or TID answering my questions. Thanks in advance to all.