Hi all,

Was hoping someone had some input for the following. (Sorry for the length)

I have 3 users who are in and out of the office all the time. Because of that, they have the full GW client and the ability to use WebAccess. They have a program that allows them to create some data and then email it right from the program. If they are in the office, the full GW client opens up a new email with the recipient, subject line and the attachment already included and everything is golden.

When they are not attached to our network and do their work, via a wireless 3G card, it is still attempting to open up the full GW client, which obviously it can't.

I found this forum article: http://forums.novell.com/novell-prod...il-client.html
and read down to a post by ukdtom (the 9th or 10th one down I think) about setting WebAccess as the default mail client in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/mailto setting of the registry. If you don't want to read the posting, you set the DWORD entry of the above key to
iExplore.exe https://mail.mycompany.com

It works perfectly in so much as it will bring up WebAccess and will allow you to login. What it doesn't do is open up a new email. With or without the recipient, subject line or attachments.

In the HKLM/SOFTWARE/Clients/Mail section of the registry, I'm able to add the criteria so WebAccess shows up in Internet Explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Programs - E-mail:
It will even switch back and forth between GW/WebAccess and changes the default as per the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/mailto key. It would be easy to teach these users how to switch back and forth btwn. the 2, depending on location. Not sure why Internet Explorer is the piece handling that, but that's a different discussion.

So I hoping for some input as to how to setup WebAccess so it will fire up when it's the default email client AND start a new email with the above mentioned criteria pre-populated. I know this works when you select Windows Live Mail in IE as the default. It opens up a new browser, allows you to login to hotmail and pre-populates the email as mentioned above. Has the DWORD entry %SystemRoot%\system32\rundll32.exe "%ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer\hmmapi.dll", MailToProtocolHandler %1 to start it.

Anyone know what I would put in the key to accomplish that with WebAccess or if it's even possible?

Also, I know about caching, remote and/or hit the road modes. They are simply not an option where I'm working.