Hi everybody,

I have noticed a great difference with the backup throughput with different cluster volumes attached to the same cluster node. All these volumes are hosted on a NetApp 2050, connected via iSCSI, with the LUN's created within the same aggregate.

- Vol1 : NSS, size is about 820 GB, no compression, created long time ago and over the years expanded as space was needed, now consisting of 10 partitions, free space 9%, purgeable space 6 %
- Home : NSS, size is about 100 GB, no compression, created long time ago, one partition only, free space 19%, purgeable space 35 %
- BLOB : NSS, size is about 180 GB, no compression, created about 4 months ago, one partition only, free space 88%, purgeable space 0 %

Copied one directory (10 GB, 851 Directories, 10537 files of different size from 1 KB to 1,200,000 KB) to each volume and ran separate backup jobs (backup to disk, BackupExec 11d on Windows Server using netware agent ; not OFO) with the following results :

- Vol1 : 35:34 Min., 320,00 MB/Min.
- Home : 16:17 Min., 915,00 MB/Min.
- BLOB : 16:35 Min., 896,00 MB/Min.

Does the performance suffer from the fact, that the logical volume consists of multiple partitions or are there probably any other parameters to check ?
Any hint is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.