I'm having a lot of confusion over the "Pending" status for bundles and I'm always looking for the option to select that says "Installl NOW, dammit!", but I can't find it.

To me Pending means it's waiting to install, however I didn't tell it to pend and I don't want it to pend. :)

A trend I seem to notice is this: I create a bundle which I first test manually by throwing it in Start -> Install -> Install Adobe. I test it on a few systems, check with the standard testers having them install it by clicking Start -> Install -> Install Adobe and it works great. Then it comes time to deploy and I tell the object to install on next refresh... the next day it seems like a minority of people get the update and a huge number end up pending.

Some of them I'll call and manually refresh their Zen and it suddenly starts installing as if waiting for the refresh to happen. I let it go on for a few days and check it again, still a large number of users pending. I version stamp it, wait another few days... pending.

Finally, I make a copy of the bundle, make sure it's not in the Start -> Install option and it shoots out like greased lightning...

I don't do this kind of bundle too often, but I'm starting to notice it more and more. So does this mean they're pending because it thinks the user needs to initiate it? Even tho it's set to force-run?

Windows XP SP2, with a mix of SP3 in testing.
ZCM 10 SP2, servers are Linux.