From Microsoft should starve on radical penguin diet • The Register

"Instead, Microsoft should consider acquiring Novell's SUSE Linux business and focusing it completely on mobile. Novell has a seat at the Linux Foundation's MeeGo table, and Microsoft should embrace that operating system rather than its myriad (but universally unsuccessful) mobile variants of Windows.

SUSE may be losing market share on servers and MeeGo may be the new kid on the block in mobile, but both are well-engineered distributions that would give Microsoft a fighting chance in mobile. The former comes with a host of great engineers and the latter also puts Microsoft on the same side of the mobile war as its long-time ally, Intel."

From Ubuntu Server makes gains at SUSE Linux' expense

"Red Hat Enterprise Linux is still the most widely used open source server operating system in data centers, but Ubuntu Server adoption is on the rise, and it could come at the expense of SUSE Linux.

John Locke, the manager of the open source technology consultancy Freelock Computing in Seattle, said hes witnessed an increase in production-level use of Ubuntu and less interest in SUSE."