I've been racking my brain and I'm having problems getting LDAP to work properly on OES2 servers.

Here is symptom, maybe someone can give me tips on this?

I'll have a server which has LUM broken. I've found if I change the preferred LDAP server to a OES1 Linux box LUM is fixed. If I switch back to an OES2 server, LUM is broken again. The common thing seems to be the LDAP preferred server.

When I switch the config to an OES 2 server, I also get error message that "LDAP bind failed". I've followed multiple tids and nothing is working.

I've checked certs, disabled firewall, pointed to several OES2 server with same results.

So, I'm asking here since someone might send me to the last place to look which will be the fix.

Since, I'm in the process to move all servers to OES2, I need to get this figured out.

Thanks in advance for any tips!!!!