This has happened to me twice so far since upgrading to GW 8.0.0

The first time, my NW 6.5.6 server was crawling and I decided to reboot it.
As I was trying to shut down each of the GW agents, my POA failed to close
with F7. After about twenty minutes, I just downed the server (properly, not

Turned out later that GW was the cause of the server slow down. It happened
again the next day, but I was able to F7 out of each agent and when I
finished, the slow down was gone. I restarted GW and all was well. That was
two weeks ago.

Tonight, I came in to upgrade 8.0.0 to 8.0.2. I currently have all other
agents shutown except for the POA. I pressed F7 & Yes about 20 minutes ago
and it is still not shut down. I am able to bring up Options, Log files, etc
in the POA screen, but nothing else is happening.

If it matters, my shut down order was WebAccess, GWIA, POA, MTA.

I was wondering if there was anything that could be done at the command
prompt to force the shut down?