this was posted on the GW forum and was told its a BMgr issue by Massimo

i am getting a lot of "420 TCP read error" in the results folder all of
a sudden. the odd thing is all of the messages with this error are
addressed as "MAIL FROM:<>
RCPT TO:<>" [mydom being our domain name]

i stopped GW and deleted the sent received results folders and the
GWcorr.db files but the messages keep coming back.

i read a tid that said to create an alias account called "Mailer-Daemon"
but i am not getting any mail in that account.

mail server is GW 5.5.5 nw5.0sp6a
bordermanager server is: BMgr3.6 sp2a nw50sp6a running mail proxy
patched via craig johnsons site.

any help would be greatly appreciated